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Turbo exchange

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Replace your failed turbocharger with a working one - quickly and easily

Potential failure of the turbo implies that the vehicle will not be in use for several days. It is necessary to identify the problem, order the necessary spare parts and install them. With us you save both money and time

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How it works?

Buy a turbocharger


We stock a wide range of new and remanufactured turbochargers for the most popular car makers. After installing your new turbo, you can send us the old turbo, in which case the deposit will be added to the price of the turbo, which will be refunded later. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty for remanufactured turbochargers regardless of the mileage

Turbo installation


GTR Autoteenindus is our partner in installing turbos, but you can use other workshops as well. If you use our partner, we’ll give you a warranty for both the turbocharger and the installation work

Returning the old turbo


The old turbocharger can be returned to our representative office or you can order our free service to pick up your core. After receiving the old turbocharger, we will refund the deposit added upon purchase.