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Our History


Our Company, and the first TURBO

Initially we started out with providing spare/replacement parts for cars and heavy machinery. But we saw the potential of turbochargers and became the official partner of BorgWarner in 2000.




We expanded our company and opened our businesses in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia


New Partnerships

BR Turbo became the official partner for Garrett and Mitsubishi Turbochargers. In 2004 and subsequent years BR turbo has been awarded as „The best distributor“ in the region by Garrett



The Remanufacturing Business

The start of BR Turbo’s remanufacturing business. Investing heavily in qualified employees and special equipment to provide the highest quality service to our customers.


Focus on Turbos

Seeing the market move more towards cars with turbochargers and seeing the potential in it, BR Turbo decided to discontinue their spare parts business and only focus on turbochargers from this point on.



TOP 10

BR Turbo has become one of the TOP 10 most influential distributors of turbochargers in the world. We are glad we are valued by our customers and will strive to continually provide the best services.


New Workshop, New Expansion

Investing heavily in our business we moved our company to our new warehouse/ office in Estonia to expand our warehouse and workshop. The workshop was fitted with the latest in technology enabling us to remanufacture turbocompressors with a minimal delay.


License to perform expertise

Until this year, BR turbo was licensed to sell and remanufacture BorgWarner turbocompressors. However, starting from 2016, after a thorough review of all of our operations, we were given the capacity to officially represent BorgWarner and perform technical expertise of failed turbochargers.


Online Catalog

In 2019, we launched an online store in four languages: (Estonian and English), (Finnish), and (Swedish). This significantly simplified the order processing for our clients, as they could now do it quickly and conveniently in their personal account on the website. Thus, both private individuals and business clients could easily order turbochargers without spending time on additional calls or mail orders.


Tecdoc, Automechanika Frankfurt

In 2022, we became a supplier for Tecdoc. This not only strengthened our reputation as a reliable supplier of quality turbochargers but also expanded our capabilities in the field of product distribution. Thanks to this collaboration, information about our products became available to a wide range of consumers worldwide through the Tecdoc database, which helped us to strengthen our position in the market and expand our customer base. In addition, we participated in one of the largest exhibitions in the world - Automechanika Frankfurt.



Autodoc, Speed4trade

In 2023, we strengthened our partnership ties, becoming partners with one of the largest platforms for the sale of auto parts in Europe, Autodoc, and distributors on the digital platform of B2B and B2C e-commerce, Speed4Trade. These collaborations significantly expanded the availability of our products for clients all over Europe.