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Garrett Turbochargers

The Company, founded in 1938, is the recognized leader engaged in developing the turbocharging technology. GARRETT offers one of the most modern developments in this field. The company has an extensive network consisting of more than 200 representative offices worldwide, the total number of employees of the company exceeds 15,000 persons. Efficient communication systems and wide experience allow GARRETT to provide customer service worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Where is the OE number on a Garrett turbocharger

There is an information plate on the turbocharger housing, where all the relevant data is indicated. As a rule, you find the OE number, car manufacturer number, and turbocharger manufacturer's  number on this plate. Sometimes the serial number of the turbocharger is also indicated. Normally it is enough to know the OE number in order to search for a turbocharger suitable for your car.


In case with Garrett you will find the OE number here: