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Actuator GARRETT

  • Product Code: BRX6924
  • Availability: 9 pc.

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Compatible for car models

Model Engine and specifications
1.4l 88/103/110kw
LUJ, J305
Year: 2012
1.4l 88/103/110kw
M13, B14NEH
Year: 2014
OPEL Astra
1.4l 88/103/110kw
VI, J, GTC, Turbo, P10, A14NEL, A14NET, MK6
Year: 2009 - 2015
OPEL Cascada
1.4l 88/103/110kw
W13, A14NET, B14NET
Year: 2013
OPEL Corsa
1.4l 88/103/110kw
E, X15, B14NEJ, B14NEH, D14NEH
Year: 2014 - 2015
OPEL Insignia
1.4l 88/103/110kw
A, G09, A14NET, B14NET
Year: 2011 - 2017
OPEL Meriva
1.4l 88/103/110kw
II, B, MPV, S10, A14NEL, A14NET, MK2
Year: 2010 - 2017
OPEL Mokka
1.4l 88/103/110kw
X, J13, A14NET, B14NET, D14NET
Year: 2012
OPEL Zafira
1.4l 88/103/110kw
III, C, P12, A14NEL, A14NET, MK3
Year: 2011

Compatible for turbochargers with OEM numbers

25201063, 25199832, 55565353, 860156, E55565353, 25198550, 860553, 9508307, 95516203, 95516218

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